It is highly important to make educated decisions when it comes to choosing subjects for higher education. A lot of students and parents struggle with the decision between Applied Maths and Standard Maths after Class 10th. Let us understand the difference between the two:

Applied Maths:

Applied mathematics is a discipline that focuses on the practical applications of mathematics in fields such as trade, economics, finance, and statistics. It places a premium on problem-solving abilities, mathematical thinking, and real-world applications. Students that are interested in these topics and appreciate applying mathematical concepts to real-world problems may find Applied Maths to be a good fit.

Standard Maths:

Standard Maths is a subject that concentrates on the theoretical foundations of mathematics, thoroughly covering topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. It provides a solid mathematical foundation for students who want to pursue higher education in subjects such as engineering, physics, computer science, or pure mathematics. Students who appreciate abstract thinking and problem solving, as well as theoretical aspects of mathematics, may find Standard Maths to be a good fit.

As students consider the options of Applied Maths and Standard Maths after Class 10, it is critical to consider the career prospects with the right option so that the student can carve a  way for a successful academic journey.