College is one of the most enjoyable times in a person's life, and people frequently reflect on their college years as to how life was adventurous. The college combines the greatest aspects of school and adulthood: fun with friends, activities, and a sense of belonging, as well as freedom, self-expression, and possibilities to pursue your aspirations.

All of these joys are accompanied by some trials and obstacles. Of course, others will tell you that these are all normal parts of growing up, which they are! But here's a roadmap for developing the skills needed to meet these problems head-on and turn them into a sense of accomplishment.

  • Learn to cook!

Eating out is usually the easier option, but it can be tiresome. Cooking gives a student more control over their nutritional choices, health, and weight. You may not have done it before, but don't worry - like with everything, practice makes perfect! And, regardless of how you feel about the cuisine you consume regularly, everyone misses home cooking sometimes! Start now so you may learn a few dishes before you depart.

  • Manage your money

Most students grow up with parents handling all money matters, bank transfers, and budgets. But living by yourself can mean some rude shocks when you learn how much things cost and how to make a budget that lasts through the month. Don’t spend your college days worrying too much about money either, but it’s good to try and figure out your monthly expenses early on.

  • Build a healthy social life!

Friends become family in college and beyond, and now comes your long-awaited opportunity to create your own family. As soon as you accept your offer, you can begin conversing with potential batchmates on social media, sharing your excitement, concerns, and questions. It's a good idea to start interacting with people and getting to know them before you travel so you don't feel completely alone once you arrive. Remember that everyone is new to campus and wants to make friends! Choose your housemates/roommates judiciously; while any friends are (almost) always preferable to no friends, learn to reach out to people who help you grow and feel joyful, while gently avoiding groups that make you uncomfortable.

  • Using Public Transport

No matter where you go, you will be using buses, metros, and taxis. Although you will learn this as you go, it is good to start using Ubers/Olas and metros etc. by yourself during this time, just so you are used to commuting alone and not helpless when you need to do it yourself.

  • Learn to do your Laundry

Most kids have never done laundry! Please learn to use washing machines, sort out colored clothes, and fold clothes. Learn to iron! Though you may not regularly iron your clothes, it’s a good skill to learn.

  • Look after your mental health

College can be quite a rollercoaster ride with your most fun and toughest days coming in the same week, at times. There will be times you will feel lonely, overwhelmed, or anxious while managing the workload and all the other things in your life. Learn some coping mechanisms to stay mentally strong during this adventure. Some people like to write their feelings, others do yoga or meditation, and others find their stress buster in sports. Ask for help. Seeking help is often the most intelligent choice to make in a tough situation. All universities have counselors, therapists, and academic advisers available for students All you have to do is reach out for it.

  • Job and Career

During your undergraduate years, it's important to keep an eye on your career goals and begin working on them as early as the first year. Talk to your seniors about what types of jobs/internships they are getting and how you can prepare for them. Internships are an integral component of the collegiate experience. They not only provide real-world experience but also assist you create your résumé for job applications. Occasionally, the company where you intern may offer you a position after graduation. Speak with the university's career placement cell about internship opportunities, and attend corporate seminars and networking events.

Beyond all this,  stay true to yourself. You will meet lots of new people, you will hear lots of different perspectives, you will evolve completely as a person but don’t allow yourself to do anything you don’t fundamentally agree with. Keep your mind open and experiment with ideas and experiences, but never forget who you are!

All the best!