Certified Career Counsellor | Personal Branding Coach | Motivational Speaker

An enthusiastic learner and speaker, I finally realized my long-awaited calling ……. to be a Motivational Speaker! So, with a leap of faith, I began by practicing in a few local schools. Soon my name spread, and I got the opportunity to address other renowned schools, colleges, and even universities. Gradually I expanded my horizon and what started with children grew onto clubs, women groups, and even political forums and gatherings.

I started my journey with a corporate company in Australia, where I worked for many years. However, eventually, I moved back to my roots in India and worked in several academic institutions. Having worked both in the corporate and educational sector, I realized that a huge number of professionals and students were facing career-related challenges due to a lack of guidance and appropriate information. I have always been a people person, and having enough knowledge and exposure, I started counselling them and decided to seek professional certification that would help me take it up formally and today, I’m a certified career counsellor and analyst.

An avid reader and a conversationist by nature, I am also a storyteller who loves to interact with individuals from various fields. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to connect with people personally as well via the social media platform. I feel blessed when people trust me enough to share their feelings, apprehensions, and challenges. To do justice and keep their faith, I leave no stone unturned and walk that extra mile in all my endeavors to ensure that we work together in unison and bond for good.

My mission has always been to motivate and guide the masses by providing them with verified career counselling as well as enhancing their public speaking skills. Over the years I have learned that simple talks, appropriate counselling, and training serve as effective tools to help them channelize their potential, hone their latent skills, and build hope, courage, confidence, and resilience in them. I strongly believe that we all must share our learnings and experiences with society at large so that in turn, it further multiplies manifold.


  • Career Counsellor
  • Psychometric Analyst
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Personal Branding Coach
  • Public Speaker
  • Leadership Programs